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The Daisies are up!

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Often here at Select Lawn Mowing we get phone calls from customers complaining that they have daisies and it is because we aren’t cutting their lawn short enough! Well that is part of the truth. Yes you have a daisy problem; with the daisies you also probably have moss and liverwort. These all go hand in hand in a lawn that has been cut too short over a long period of time. So in short you have a weed problem because your lawn has been cut to short not the opposite. What happens when your lawn is cut to short is that it exposes the base of the grass to all off the weed seeds that are blown around. At this time of the year (spring) this is quite prevalent. The weed seeds take root and over a period of time overtake the grass creating some lovely daisy patches for the children to make daisy chains out of but not much more. There are a number of products on the market to deal with this but the best way to have a healthy lawn is to keep some length on the grass and inhibit this happening. If you want a company that doesn’t just mow and go give us a call. Select Lawn Mowing 0800 002 905

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