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What is a Mulch Mower?

A mulch mower is a commercial machine that mulches the grass clippings up into a fine residue which is then left on the lawn. In most cases when the lawn is cut on a regular basis you would not know it has been mulched within a couple of hours of when it has been cut. This is our most common cut.

Do I have to sign up to a regular service?

No you don’t but keep in mind if you just want a casual service, it is more expensive (as we normally have to travel further to do it) and we can’t always guarantee that we can fit you in, as we prioritise our regular Masterton customers.

What are the Payment Options?

Most of our customers choose to pay via Internet Banking. We can either leave our account details in the letterbox on the day we visit or we can email you an invoice with our account details on it. Whatever suits you best. Some still choose to pay by cash, this can either be left somewhere on the property or be given to us in person. If it is a one off cut it will need to be cash.

When can we start?

We like to try and start the first cut within 48 business hours of confirmation. Most of the time this is possible, but it needs to fit in with your local operator. Around Public Holidays it can be challenging with short weeks, but we do our best to accommodate all.

Are we Insured?

Yes, everybody in our organisation has Public Liability Insurance. This covers us for any Incidents we may have at your place that has been caused by us.

How do I cancel my mowing?

Tell us, either by email, text or phoning. It is also very helpful for us if you can tell us why. This helps us with making sure we are giving the level of service that you expect and if someone isn’t that we can work out why and fix it.

Will the same person be doing my lawn each time?

Yes, an owner operator who lives in your area does your lawn. Sometimes they work with a family member or friend but all individuals will be in uniform and the contact person will be the same. As with any business, from time to time people’s circumstances change and they move on to something else in their life. We will inform you of this when or if it happens.

What is our bank account number?

All of our owner operators run their own businesses and have their own bank account numbers. We will inform you of this once your job has been confirmed.

What time will you be here?

This will depend on other jobs that we are doing in your area and people that have already confirmed. Generally once we have an idea of what the weather is doing, we can give you an indication of approximate time.

Do we need to be there when you come?

As long as we have access to your lawns you don’t have to be there. Most of our customers have busy lives and we see it as our role to help make their lives easier. Obviously if you have pets we would like them to be off the lawn where possible and if you have a gate code we will need that for access.

Is GST Included?

GST is included in all of our prices unless otherwise stated

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